19 August 2011

The Deadly Gap Between Comfy Chairs

Pip's favourite place to play is on the chairs in the living room.

She has lots of chairs to choose from.

It's very important to keep the toys secure, so they don't fall between the chairs or onto the floor, or both.

The chairs are really comfy too, so if you get tired of your playing, you can just have a lie down.

You can even try to have a lie down on said comfy chairs and play at the same time.

But you still have to hold on, or...

...this happens.

Oh dear. That dreaded gap between comfy chairs has claimed another victim.

What's so funny?


  1. Hey Pip - we love to play with out toys on the chairs too, but sometimes we get so involved in our play that we fall of - BOLOLOL.

    Have a great weekend - we LOVE your pics.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  2. Oh no!! Maybe you can reach your paw down and grab it!

    Your pal, Big Pip

  3. lol she looks so cute and comfy :)