17 August 2011

Geoff & Archibald II

This year we had a lot of pet lambs, and we kept them all inside. Of the nine lambs, two of them were raised on the bottle - these two.

Both of them started off in April as small and humpy (there they are in the background).

But with a lot of love and care from the human (and canine) family, they have grown into wonderful lambs. This is Archibald II:

And this is Geoff:

But sadly, that is where their story must end. We're not going to be keeping any of the pet lambs this year, so they were sold this day last week.

Archibald II was the cheeky one, and would always be trying to head-butt you or any passing dog.

Geoff, however, was a total sweetheart. I don't like to show favouritism, but he was my favourite. He was always looking to get strokes and cuddles.

They were real characters and will be sorely missed.

So, when you're eating your lamb chops tonight, think of them...

R.I.P., chaps.


  1. Oh no, I don't eat lamb, I'm really sorry as I know you're sheep farmers but I just love the lambs too much. At least they enjoyed a happy and healthy life with you, if I ate lamb it would have to be 'happy lamb' like yours :-)

  2. It must be very hard to part with the little lambs, but that is what you have to do. Mom loves lamb but hasn't had any in a long time. After falling in love with the cute lambs on your posts, it is going to be hard to buy them again:(

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  3. As #1's hero, Temple Grandin, says, it is not whether you eat meat or not that is the issue, but how those animals were treated when they were alive. Archibald and Geoff may have had a short life, but it certainly was a good one!