28 September 2011

Little Pip's Gotcha Day!

It's been over a year since I brought home this ball of fluff in a box...

That was on 22nd September 2010. Now, on 27th September 2011, she looks a little different.

In the year that I've had Pip, she's been like a rock to cling to. She's so affectionate and willing to listen, and so cute, and I could go on...

She has changed so much. For a start, she has a long face now.

And she's blonder too.

She's also taller than she was a year ago.

And the most important change of all? She doesn't fit in her box.

So thanks for the companionship, the giggles and the paw-shakes you have given me over this past year. I look forward to many more.

Happy Gotcha Day, Pip!


  1. Warmest best wishes to you both.


  2. Happy Gotcha Day, Pip. We fell in love with you the first time we saw you and we love you even more now.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  3. Happy Gotcha Day, Little Pip!!! You are not so little, but you will always be little Pip to me.

    Your pal, BIG Pip

  4. What a sweet tribute to such a beautiful dog! Happy Gotcha Day!

  5. Gorgeous then and gorgeous now. Happy Gotcha Day, Beautiful Pip!