26 September 2011

Teddy and the Beach

Teddy went to the beach just over a week ago. He had the bestest fun ever! We have a few photos to share...
Sitting among the many worm holes... or whatever they're called.

Teddy didn't believe that worms made that many holes.

This random Spaniel likes water.

Random Spaniel wants to visit Wales.

Teddy watches Random Spaniel in a mixture of confusion and awe.

These must point to Wales...

It's a beautiful day for a visit to a beach (or Wales).

Teddy thinks that the view isn't as nice as the view behind him, where the treats are.

Random Spaniel has definitely gone to Wales.

Teddy has coaxed the sun out with some treats. Now looking smug.

And Random Spaniel returns from his visit to Wales.

The end (with virtual ice-cream).


  1. lol, well I've heard Wales is pretty

    teddy always looks so confused :)

  2. Wonderful photos, what a great day:)

  3. Teddy, we're the same color but my person says you're cuter than me. I wonder if I'd be as cute as you if I got to go to the beach. -Bongo

  4. Beautiful photos! Teddy sure is getting big!

  5. Looks like a perfect day at the beach!

    Your pal, Pip

  6. What a beautiful beach! It certainly rivals the ones around us! Teddy is so sweet! Such good pictures!

  7. Oh Teddy, I don't think there is a cuter puppy than you! You turn my mommy to Jello!

  8. LOL! Love your take on the day. :)