4 September 2011

Seaforde 2011

Yesterday was the day of the annual vintage rally at Seaforde. Last year, Ben came with me, and this year was no different. We met up with some old friends, too. This is Star the Berenese Mountian Dog, and Ben the Sprollie, of course.

This is Benson, another Ben.

Star and Benson both pull carts as a living, with their owners Sally and Andrew.

(Ben has to be there too. He never likes to miss out on the fun.) Ben's in a lot of photos from the day actually - here he is in a linkbox.

In front of a yellow tractor.

And a red one.

I even made him sit on a lorry, in front of a tractor.

The pack of hounds that come along every year were out in force.

There were some threshing machines on display as well.

Ben was really well behaved all day, apart from when he was scratching at his collar. He hates his collar.

Yeah, well, he's cute, so I'll forgive him.

We ran into the Kinelary dogs again before we went home. At least Star was happy to see us... or the treats.

Sorry, Star, no treats.


The rain stayed away, Ben was good and we met the Kinelary Berense for the thrid year running. Not a bad day's work.

Ben looks pleased with himself anyway.



  1. What a fun day you and Mr. Ben had!!

  2. i love bernese mountain dogs, they are so fluffy :p
    ben looks like he had a great time :)

  3. Bet Ben was tired when he got home. What fun! We wondered if there were any corgis there? Are those hounds so well behaved that they stay in a group like that? Very impressive!

  4. Great photos! Hi Ben!!!

  5. Star has such an expressive "sad" face! Too cute.

    Love all the shots of Ben - nice that he got some Quality Time out. :)

  6. What awesome photos! Such expressive faces and great close up shots.

  7. Well Ben is looking as handsome as ever, but little Teddy is stealing our hearts. What a doll he is! Congratulations!!!