14 September 2011

This is Why September Sucks

I have so little spare time left, thanks to my photography course, to update the blog. It's scandalous! But enough of my rambling, you want puppy pics, and you want them now!

Teddy's growing fast, but at least he has a nice smile.

It is seriously cute.

Ben's his best friend, probably because Ben puts up with Teddy putting himself in his mouth.

Teddy's a real cheeky minx. Nobody can push him around, he just works the *sadface* on everyone...

The weather's been a mixture of sunny, rainy and windy. This sheep is annoyed.

I am annoyed. *Pout*

Sheila doesn't really like Teddy.

Yet another lowlife come to steal my human...

She wants to eat him.

In other news, Teddy met The Chair.

But if there's one thing he hates, it's having to war Pip's old, pink collar. Treats are a welcome distraction...

'Til next time folks!


  1. Wonderful pics! You look like a right little rascal, Teddy!

    Hi Ben!


  2. Teddy has a cheeky look to him:)
    Good job on the sit stays with Teddy!

  3. Wow, he is growing super fast!

    Your pal, Pip

  4. Cute,cute,cute. I am just loving little Teddy!!!

  5. He is just sooooo cute! Keep those puppy shots coming!

  6. awww :)
    i think the pink looks cute :D

  7. That Teddy is cute as a button! He also looks devilishly mischievous...keep your eye on that one! Poor annoyed sheep. Being a sheep must be tough.

  8. We love your photos and Teddy is so adorable with his little crooked smile:)