1 November 2011

Bench, Door, Car & Floor

It’s funny how many times I can use the same bench for taking photos.

I think the reason that I always return here is because it’s hard to get the lighting right. The dark colours of the leaves and the bench itself make things pretty difficult.

Teddy has nice eyes, just like Ben.

Ah, what is this? A photograph somewhere new? My goodness!

Here Teddy is watching my mum put some shopping bags in the boot (I think it’s trunk in America) of the car.

And here’s a picture of Teddy in the shop’s car park.

And we shall leave you with a Teddy smile.

And I hope everyone had a safe Holloween. Jack managed OK with the fireworks anyway.


  1. Squee-worthy photos

    Stop on by for a visit

  2. Teddy is so unbearably cute!

    Love the bench. That first pic is smashing.

  3. Teddy is still so cute, and oh so photogenic! I'm going to pretend that the side view of Teddy is what Luna would have looked like as a puppy, since I don't have any puppy pictures of her. Their noses from the side look very similar.
    Yes, the boot is a trunk in Canada and the U.S.