2 November 2011

Family Shapshots

It took a long time to get this photograph. I don’t know how I did.

Fly and Jack aren’t there because they are both rubbish at sitting still. Plus, Fly’s old, so she gets out of a lot of things.

Sheila actually stayed still for a minute.

Ben’s tail never stays still.

This is the way Sheila drinks – it’s not at all strange. She fell in once, which was very funny.

Pip watches the quad. This is a really bad habit, because then she bites the wheels… while it’s moving. That’s why she always has scabs on her nose. Any tips for stopping her before she gets run over? I’m running out of ideas.

There’s no danger of Ben being that silly.

Pip, stop being so leggy.

Teddy tries to impress. Fail.

This is the alternate family photo.

Teddy is getting so big. He’s huge.

Sheila’s getting grey around the edges.

And what happens when the camera stops clicking…

Never a dull moment…


  1. That's a lovely family picture!

    Can you please tell me how you made those wonderful pictures? I'm using the same camera as yours but I just can't make my pictures as sharp and clear like yours. Well, I basically use a lot of point and shoot mode and I guess that's my problem. :)

  2. Great shots! Teddy is sure getting big!

  3. Great family photo!

    Stop on by for a visit

  4. I like the last pic best... :)

  5. Love the final frame especially! Goofiness on display.

    With our alpha border collie, who still loves to bite the occasional tire--we simply stop the vehicle, administer a stern verbal scolding with index finger pointed at her. She retreats. After a few of those, just the vehicle stopping creates the retreat, and now there are very few incidents. It did take a few episodes of really 'getting in her face' verbally to get the message across, though.

    Good luck!


  6. use a long line with Pip. - really long, say 50 feet. Then when the quad is going by let her run at it and WHAMMO yank her off her feet and give her a stern scolding. You will have to do this MANY MANY MANY times, do NOT allow her to be anywhere near the quad (when it is moving) unless she is on a long line until she can be trusted.

  7. That last picture is funny! Good luck with Pip. I saw a show on TV one time with a cattle dog that chased the owners' quad and ended up losing an eye. Ouch.

    Elyse and Riley

  8. Great photos!! Love the last one, especially. Really shows what rugrats all us dog owners really have to deal with, once the camera is turned off LOL

  9. Sky, our border collie was attacking my seatbelt in the car....though found an easy solution (that doesn't involve risking serious throat damage to the dog, would you put a rope round your childs neck and yank on it?)
    Sky (our border collie) hates being bathed, I mean really HATES being bathed, so the threat was "stop it or its bath time" cue a retreat to the other side of the backseat and facing any direction but towards the seatbelt.
    Now she sits and looks at it, but doesnt go for it, if she ever looks like she might try to make a grab for it, all I have to say is "what did I say about seatbelts?" and seemingly a light goes on in one border collie brain and she looks elsewhere.
    So perhaps find something Pip doesn't like doing and use some psyops, remember border collies are smart, but they can be outwitted just like a child.

  10. Plus you need to get her attention before she does it to break her relationship to it.
    in her world its a game and something to chase, perhaps finding something that she finds more "fun" and do that while the quad is about to divert her attention and break the cycle.
    Its not easy, when did she start this?

  11. First photo is awesome. Great work and patience to get that one I am sure. :)

  12. Your dogs are gorgeous! Such a great family photo.
    And that picture of Sheila drinking is hilarious. Silly dog, lol!