6 November 2011

Tall on a Wall

With some really awkward heaving and shoving with one hand, protecting the camera in the other, I managed to get both of the brown dogs onto a wall. I stepped back to take a shot…

And Pip jumped off the wall.

Then she did a lap of the yard and jumped back onto the wall again, with no assistance from me. *Sigh*

As you can see, both dogs are terribly tall. Especially Pip. It’s like she’s on stilts all of the time.

While on the wall, Ben looked very depressed.

And Pip still felt smug.

Pip jumped off the wall again, so I did an experiment with Ben’s face.

No. Not like that. Just putting it a little out of shot.

He watched Pip from above.

Pip was already watching the ground when she jumped onto the wall again.




  1. Great shots! Love the blue sky as the background. :)

  2. Love the shot of Ben looking down. :)

  3. Great Wall (of China):) shots!

  4. Gorgeous pictures, your dogs lovely

  5. Great pictures! as always :)

  6. You little show off, Pip! Poor mama's back! Cheer up Ben!

    Where's that little Teddy?

  7. Awww--Ben looks so serious. Probably thinking Pip's a bit of a goof. :)