28 November 2011


This is one of my new favourite shots of the Tedster (new nick-name, actually like it, will use it more often). In it he is being awesomely cute and adorable, and well-behaved. Did I mention cute?

You may have spotted by now that one of his ears has decided to rebel, and fold backwards. Evil Ear of Doom! Sometimes, though, it decides to rebel the other way, and tip forwards.

Or maybe it's to do with the surface he's on. It seems that in the yard it tips forwards...

And on grass it tips backwards.

(And these were taken on the same day, withing ten minutes of each other, so it is very odd...)

Then on a different surface, it flops forward again.

Utterly confusing, eh?

On another note, I go some ear-less shots of him as well.

I wonder which way his ears will eventually decide to be..?


  1. It probably depends on which way the wind blows too:) I hope his ears stay tipped, do you think they will?
    He really is such a cute dog!

  2. Huh, no telling. But he is stinkin' cute which ever way it flops!
    BTW, we love the B&W cavan photot of Ben too!

  3. His ears are cute no matter which way they flop.

    Your pal, Pip

  4. Ears forward or back, Teddy is one adorable pup!

  5. Tedster, you are so utterly gorgeous that your ears can ti any way they want and it won't make any difference!

  6. Love his expression in the photos. Kinda like, what the heck are you staring at so much. And he just so darn cute!!