27 November 2011

Seeing Double

First off, I'm sorry. No updates for two whole weeks, with no real excuses. Lack of motivation, perhaps? I dunno, but I am terribly sorry. I actually felt bad leaving you all for so long. And as for not commenting on your blogs - it's unforgivable and for that I'm also sorry, as you all never fail to comment on here. Thank you all for you all for your comments, I can only hope to catch up with all of your blogs today. But before I go off to do just that, I want to give you some actual news. You'd like that, huh?

I hardly ever print off my pictures (mainly because of the sheer multitude of them I take, and the fact that once I have printed one off, they tend to 'out of fashion' so to speak), so imagine my surprise when I found myself asking for a photo of Ben printed... on none-other than canvas.

Here's Ben looking rather impressed with his mug-shot in the background:

This is the original shot, taken back in February, when Ben was a little (just a little) less scruffy looking:

You can find the story behind it in the post called Ben the Sheepdog.

It usually graced the sidebar of this very blog, because I sort of fell in love with it. A bit. When it came to practising with Photoshop in college a good eight months later, I fiddled with it and made it black and white.

A friend made a passing comment that it would look really nice printed out big, on canvas. We both knew that a member of the class was, as it turned out, pretty darn awesome at this. So I started saving up, and he set to work stretching Ben's face. No, I shouldn't have put it like that. Stretching Ben's face (which was actually a picture) on canvas, onto a frame.

And now he takes pride of place in my bedroom, alongside my poster of a random horse.

Ben was really struggling to show an ounce of enthusiasm (but that's how he looks when he is enthusiastic, so maybe he is - it's hard to tell).

Oh look, he's going to lie down. This means he is very happy and excited, but is being a gentleman and acting all bored. I think.

Ah well, I like it - love it, even. That's all that matters, anyway. And so, I must give a hearty thanks to Kieran Brogan (visit his photography website with that link), the very nice man who agreed to stretch Ben's face for me.

That's enough of the joke. Leave it. *Glares*

Ok, I will. *Drops joke like obedient human*

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  1. Ben is watching over you while you sleep:)
    Great photo of him!

  2. I'm glad to know that you obey when Ben gives a command!! BOL!

  3. Pretty cool picture. I like the way you framed the face and especially like it in black and white.

    Way to go Ben. You are a photographers dream


  4. Ben is such a handsome boy, with those soulful springer eyes! The BW canvas print looks great!


  5. What a great idea!

    And a beautiful subject for the photo!

    (Yep, he GETS it...that's why he is so non-chalant!)

  6. How cute! Sometimes you just need a break, don't worry.

    We are going to get one of those canvas prints of Sagira I think. :)

  7. That's a beautiful photo of Ben, and it looks amazing on canvas like that!

  8. The canvas picture of Ben is gorgeous! Ben is a handsome boy and he is so photogenic.

    Great idea of having it printed out. It's beautiful!