Little Pip’s House

I’m off school today with a bit of a cold. It’s mostly better now, but I’m still not myself. I’ve been sick all weekend. It’s really annoying. Anyway, I’m still practising with my indoor photos, and here are a few I took over a few nights last week, before I was sick. Sorry there aren’t many words, it hurts my brian to make them up. Yesterday’s post took me ages to write because I had a headache. And I still have one, so not too many words here. Sorry about that.
24-27-01-11 (26)

24-27-01-11 (14)

24-27-01-11 (15)

24-27-01-11 (16)

24-27-01-11 (17)

24-27-01-11 (18)

24-27-01-11 (21)

24-27-01-11 (22)

24-27-01-11 (23)

24-27-01-11 (24)

24-27-01-11 (25)

The Three Musketeers

On Monday, I finally got Sheila, Pip and Ben to tolerate each other.
24-27-01-11 (7)

We went to the field with them, so they had plenty of space to run. Not that they did much running.
24-27-01-11 (4)

I made them sit and stay instead, so I could get a photo.
24-27-01-11 (8)

24-27-01-11 (1)

24-27-01-11 (3)

Pip has gotten over her Ben fear. Sort of.
24-27-01-11 (5)

On the way back from the field, it was starting to get really dark.

But I still wasn’t satisfied with the photos I’d taken. So then I remembered something from back in November, when it was also getting dark. I used one of dad’s trailers as a platform for the dogs.
Snow 2010 (17)

Ben was too scared to move at the time.
Snow 2010 (15)

I never got a chance to post these photos, but I loved them.
Snow 2010 (14)

Snow 2010 (7)

But anyway, I found the trailer on the way back from the field, so I decided to have another trailer photoshoot, well aware that I was running out of daylight.

Once again, Ben was too scared to move.
24-27-01-11 (11)

But Pip and Sheila were unfazed.
24-27-01-11 (13)

I used my funny noises trick, and this is the result:
24-27-01-11 (12)

I really love this photo – it sums up their personalities very well.

Meanwhile, the lambing’s slowed down quite a lot. Some days there have been no lambs at all! Which is surprising, because the ewes look very close to lambing, don’t you think?

This ewe must think she’s a dog.

On Friday night, pet ewe Tilly (the old one) had a lamb. Here’s Tilly.

And here’s her latest lamb, a little ewe.
Tilly's Lamb

Isn’t she cute? I haven’t given her a name yet because I just can’t think of one – any suggestions?

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New Best Friends

I’m currently teaching Pip to walk on a harness.
22-01-11 (17)

It’s all going to plan, but she hates it.
22-01-11 (18)


Whenever Little Pip was around 8 weeks old, I tried to introduce her to Sheila. You know the one – has the massive ears.
22-01-11 (6)

But at the time, little Little Pip was terrified of Sheila, and avoided her at all costs. Yesterday, I tried again.
22-01-11 (3)

And everything went according to plan! Hooray! There was a little bit of uncertainty on Pip’s side, but she soon calmed down enough to have a good time!

Sheila was just happy to be out and about.
22-01-11 (4)

Whenever we all arrived back in the yard, I had a quick photo session on the doorstep!
22-01-11 (5)

Sheila must be the smallest Border Collie in history. Ben’s bigger than her, and even Little (Giant) Pip is catching up. Sheila has to stand on a step to make herself look bigger.
22-01-11 (10)

What a cute pair!
22-01-11 (12)

Sheila’s a very good girl.
22-01-11 (13)

Why the long face, Pip?
22-01-11 (14)

After every single shot, Sheila jumped off the steps, got her treat and went off to do something more interesting. Not like Pip, who just stayed on the step, looking at me.

22-01-11 (15)

Meanwhile, in the sheep houses…
22-01-11 (2)

Two more new arrivals! Still a little wobbly on their feet.
22-01-11 (1)

We have quite a few lambs now, some inside:
18-21-01-11 (3)

18-21-01-11 (1)

18-21-01-11 (4)

18-21-01-11 (13)

And some outside:
18-21-01-11 (23)

18-21-01-11 (20)

18-21-01-11 (17)

18-21-01-11 (15)

And here are the first set of twins we had this year, who I introduced you to in this post.
18-21-01-11 (31)

They’re really big now.
18-21-01-11 (30)

18-21-01-11 (29)

Your food must be much nicer when your feet are in it.