Ben on Gate Duty

Yesterday, Ben was on gate duty. That meant a quick walk down the lane to shut the gate.
27-02-11 (4)

You still there? Good.
27-02-11 (3)

We walked all the way to the road, with Ben on a lead, of course.
27-02-11 (5)

He was all business.
27-02-11 (6)

Then we closed the gate for the night.
27-02-11 (7)

On the way back up the lane, I spotted something very exciting… Daffodil buds!
27-02-11 (2)

Ben was most impressed.
27-02-11 (8)

Bye, February! We’ll miss you!
27-02-11 (9)

On top of the silage...

Is where all the fun stuff happens.
26-27-02-11 (7)

The lambs that we put out to the fields yesterday were huge. They were like teenagers who want desperately to drive – but don’t have the facilities.

Where’s the first gear on this thing?
26-27-02-11 (9)

This lamb was constantly jumping onto different ewe’s backs. As soon as he jumped on, the ewes got up. He just went to another ewe and tried again.

Some lambs are more laid back than others.
26-27-02-11 (8)

These were the lambs we had to catch and take to the fields.
26-27-02-11 (10)

26-27-02-11 (12)

That evening at 6pm (!), I took Ben up the hill to check on them.
26-27-02-11 (2)

Ben had to be careful around the angry mothers.
26-27-02-11 (14)

But he had a gate between himself and the flock so he wasn’t in danger.

26-27-02-11 (5)

It was very windy and cold, so we soon headed inside.
26-27-02-11 (4)

That night, which checking the ewes in the pen for new lambs, I had a look at Georgia. She’s doing really well.
26-27-02-11 (6)

Then this morning I went with my dad to check on the sheep on some out farms. I met Darkie’s lambs, Sam…
26-27-02-11 (27)

…and Sylvia.
26-27-02-11 (15)

26-27-02-11 (17)

They are both doing brilliantly as well.

Reach for the skies!
26-27-02-11 (21)

26-27-02-11 (22)

26-27-02-11 (23)

Then we came home and brought Kim with us to check on the sheep at home.

Kim likes watching sheep.
26-27-02-11 (31)

26-27-02-11 (32)

26-27-02-11 (34)

26-27-02-11 (33)

I think she’s waiting to pounce.

Kim has become something of an expert and turning lambs, mouthing at them and pawing at them. It’s a bit rough, but it works.

I saw Old Tilly and her lamb Lily.
26-27-02-11 (35)

26-27-02-11 (36)

26-27-02-11 (37)

And Bubbles and her lambs.
26-27-02-11 (39)

Along with young Tilly and her lambs.
26-27-02-11 (38)

Kim can even watch lambs off the quad.
26-27-02-11 (18)

“Here, Kim!”
26-27-02-11 (19)

Good girl!

****  ****  ****  ****  ****

An Evening Walk and a Happy Ending

First up, and evening walk with the lovely Pip. The evenings are so much brighter now, so I can take pictures up until around 5 o’clock in the evening – a sign Spring is coming!

Of course, the walk was interrupted with some posing.









Oh, Pip… not another puddle! *Sigh*

I arrived home from school today, got changed and headed for the lambing sheds. I was afraid that Grace had died overnight, because she was in such a sorry state last night. I looked around and couldn’t find her in the Sucking Station. I feared the worst. I thought I was going to have to announce a death tonight. But no.

My Granny told me that a man had a ewe with two lambs, but both died. He came up here to find some replacements, and Dad offered him some healthy lambs, but the man saw Grace and decided that she would be perfect. He took her away to have a new mum on his own farm – a very happy ending for little Grace!

As for Suckie and Georgia? Not a care in the world!
Georgia and Suckie

Sleepy lamb…


Huh? What was that…?