15 January 2012

The Black Sheep

Darkie is one very photogenic sheep.

I hadn't taken her for a walk for a year, but she managed to lead well - as long as I offered her food.

Judging by the size of her tummy, she is in lamb, which is great news.

And I couldn't resist taking a close-up of her eye.

I got that more by accident than anything else - sheep are even worse than dogs when it comes to staying still. And if you try making funny noises, it just scares them off.

Funny noises work on Teddy.

The darker evenings mean that it's great to snuggle up to the fluffy puppy (who is getting huge now) in front of the fire.


  1. Really enjoyed your photos! And Teddy is so handsome. I agree taking photos of animals can be quite a challenge. Darkie's eyes looks so amazing against her black coat.

    "Baa, baa black sheep have you any wool?"

  2. I just love sheep and goat eyes!
    And I imagine snuggling with Teddy would be fun anytime!

  3. Lovely set of photos! Teddy looks like a good snuggler (we love his smile too!)

  4. I love your photos and seeing all the shep. We can't wait to have Bokeh tested with herding to see how he does with it.