29 January 2012

Lambing in Full Swing

In fact it's swinging so much that I'm too busy to update the blog! Terrible, I know. But here I am again to show you some pictures of young and fluffy things, such as this lamb:

And a few more lambs, just for fun:

This lamb has a clock for ears.

Young Tilly's had her lambs, twins, a boy and a girl. They're both pretty small, but are going strong.

This is the little girl.

And this is the boy.

Just adorable. Another small and adorable thing is Teddy. Actually, he's small-ish. He loves to watch the ewes and lambs.

Teddy likes to watch a lot of things. Thank goodness the list includes any camera.

Until next time I have the time to update, goodbye!


  1. I love lambing time. Lambs and baby calves are my Vickies favorite looking babies, even over golden retreiver puppies.

  2. Love love love your pictures!

  3. Ahh, very cute. Teddy is looking very grown up.

  4. If I were you I would get nothing done all day because I would be too busy cuddling with those lambs. So cute!

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