2 February 2012

The Want Faces

If the dogs want something, they put on a face. This is Pip's 'I Want' face:

She goes all shy. I have no idea where she got that cut from. It just sort of appeared.

Anyway, Ben's want face:

There is no real description for that.

Teddy's want face involves being very small looking.

I am small. Give me what I want.

And Sheila's want face has BIG eyes.

And they all want into the house here. Who's for a multi-dog party - indoors?

Why? Because they want it.


  1. Those "I want" eyes do me in. Eyes of a dog are so expressive.

  2. Yeah, lets Party!!!! I want too too!

  3. so.hard.to.resist......
    *opens door*;p

  4. We love the 'I want faces". So-o-o cute!