3 February 2012

Mummy Bubbles

Bubbles has had lambs. Twins! Last year she had twins as well, but one was black and one was white. This time, they're like mini-Bubbles. They're mostly black but with white splodges on their faces and necks. It's rare to have a lamb with those markings, let alone two! But they are seriously cute, although difficult to photograph. This is the girl:

And this is the boy:

I'm sorry the pictures are so dark, but as I said, so are the lambs! Bubbles was keeping a close eye on me.

They're a perfect little family. Just... aw.

Coherent thoughts are currently unavailable. You'll just have to settle for 'aw'.


  1. Awww works just fine for us!

  2. Awww, works for us as well! Now...where's Ben??? :)

    Elyse and Riley