25 March 2012

Say Hi to the Summer!

The clocks have changed, which along with making me sleep-deprived has marked the beginning of British Summer Time. Say hi to the summer, guys!

Hi, Summer!

Yes, good. Our lane has been lined with daffodils for some time now, as Teddy and Pip will now demonstrate.

The daffodils are fun to play in.

Um... guys? Where did they go?

Ah well. Happy summer, everyone!


  1. Welcome summer

    Stop on by for a visit

  2. Great pictures! Happy summer!!

  3. are those paw dirt prints in the last pic ? XD

  4. Great photos - as always - spring is so lovely where you live :-) A little more icy here, so I'm enjoying your flowers!

  5. Ooooo look at those daffodils, beautiful!! We are just starting to get some fresh green shoots popping up here in northern Ontario, Canada, but technically we are still supposed to be under about a foot of snow! It has melted already as the temps have been wonky all season.. usually we don't see spring flowers till May, even June!

    Looks like Teddy and Pip are enjoying the flowers too! So cute.