30 March 2012

Rare Breed - A Farming Year (Guest Starring Pip's Dad!)

I was on my laptop and not watching TV when my Dad came into the room asking, "Did y' see Trevor?"

Naturally, I replied with, "What?" (Manners never are my strong point.)

"Pip's da," he explained enthusiastically.

"Oh right. No."

"Och, you've missed it!" he said.

I did manage to catch up on the programme eventually thanks to a +1 channel. He was on a programme about the farming year in Northern Ireland; episode eleven which focused on the month of November. I'd never actually seen Pip's dad before but I'd heard of him and where he lived and Dad just happened to know the name of his owner. Trevor was shown rounding up the farm's turkeys for the night with far more style and grace than his daughter has with the sheep. But in the way he moves I can see a mirror image of Pip - especially in the way he lies down.

Here's an extract from the channel's website: "Meanwhile the poultry farmers’ preparations for Christmas are in full swing and they are getting some extra help from Trevor the Turkey dog!"

A few snapshots from the November episode:

He keeps his tail between his legs - another thing that Pip does all the time.

If you're in the UK you should be able to watch the whole 22 minute episode, or if you're feeling choosy, Trevor appears at around 17 minutes in. It's available to watch for another 26 days.

Rare Breed - A Farming Year - November

Can you see the family resemblance?

Don't look so embarrassed, Pip - your dad was on TV!


  1. A dog working like this, at the height of his powers, is always a joy to behold. Thanks for sharing, and good wishes always.

  2. Damn, can't watch it here in Canada:(

  3. Can't see it in Canada but how neat is that to watch Pip's Dad! You can definitely see the resemblance!

  4. love seeing collies work :) and yep, they both look like happy healthy dogs, pip has a more feminine face but they have the same shaped head

  5. That must have been so great to see Pip's Dad at work. Too bad we can't see it here in the US.