2 April 2012


Since I'm 17 now, I've been having driving lessons. I really enjoy them but after driving tractors on my own for so long I have a tendency to be stubborn and not listen to instructions, but I can't help it. When I'm at home and have a spare hour or so, I'll hop in the car and drive around the yard and sheds for practice. The reversing is what I'm working on mostly, so I'll reverse around a shed or two. Clutch control isn't too bad because of the amount of driving I've done beforehand, but I'm working on junctions. I have an instructor for when I'm at home.

Sheila either sits in the front or back, but she really enjoys being a passenger. And as long as she's calm, that must mean my driving's bearable too, right?

I don't think Sheila would make a very good driver, though. She can't reach the pedals.

Talking of practice, Teddy's been helping out with the sheep a little.

He and Pip we think will make a good team once Teddy's gained a little more confidence and experience.

It's exciting to think that maybe we've got a good team forming here.

OK, maybe Teddy doesn't think it's that exciting...


  1. I'll bet you'll be a good, confident driver once you get it all figured out. When my son took his driving test, he was told as much. We figured it was from all the tractor driving he had done previous to that:)

  2. I'm sure all the tractor driving has helped your driving immensely! Great pics of Teddy and Pip!

  3. I remember learning how to drive...it sure gives you a head start with all the driving you've done on the farm!

    Love your pictures...I could just see them working the sheep.

  4. Cute with the driving...Stewie would love to drive but he is just too short and Tucker...forget it. He isn't wild about drives anywhere!

    Your photos in black and white were very nice! Really enjoy your blog and how you work with the sheep. Very impressive.