9 May 2012

Sheila's Six!

It was Sheila's sixth birthday on Monday! Time has flown. I still remember that day I said to my Dad, "Sheila's one today." Here Sheila is staring intently at her birthday gift.

If I'm going to give a dog a bone, I'll usually go for a rawhide one. I get the (possibly flawed) impression that they're safer for the dogs. But this time since it was a special occasion, I got a real bone instead. It was dried, though, which actually surprised me; let's just say that I was expecting to have to wipe my hands.

Sheila got very excited indeed when she saw the bone. But when it came to actually taking it, there was some subtle snatching involved...

She had a good ol' chew as well. Oh, she loved it.

I'm glad you enjoyed your birthday present, pet.

While she was nibbling I tried some experimentation with the camera.

You see, when camera shake is done deliberately it can have a nice effect.

Happy Belated Birthday, Sheila!


  1. Happy birthday, Sheila! Looks like you had a pretty good one.

  2. Awwwwe! Happy 6th Birthday Sheila!

  3. Hope you had a great 6th Birthday Sheila! That bone looks very tasty!
    Lotsa Licks
    Casper Bear

  4. happy birthday sheila!

    (and rawhide can be hard for dogs to digest, real ones can be better)

  5. That looked like a very happy birthday to us!