5 May 2012

Teddy's Squeaky Hedgehog Massage Service

The dogs have a lot of toys available to them but they all seem to latch on to one favourite thing. Sheila for example has a toy Santa which is her favourite. Teddy's favourite toy is a little squeaky hedgehog.

He loves looking after his squeaky hedgehog.

I think that Teddy's favourite pass-time is getting his picture taken, however. Simply because he's so good at it.

Blimey, he's big, isn't he? And just 10-and-a-half-months-old - how big is he going to get? That's what I'd like to know.

I think he's forgotten he's holding a hedgehog is this picture.

Oh, hello, Teddy.

He's like a giant draft excluder.

How many hedgehogs can he fit in his mouth, I wonder.

He's not chewing the hedgehog - he's giving it a massage. With his teeth...

*****     *****     *****


  1. Hey Teddy, Hey Pip, Hey Sheila, Hey Fly, Hey Jack, Jet here. Nice to make your acquaintance.

    What's a sprollie? Is that a Springer/Border Collie? The reason I ask is that when Mom rescued me, she could not figure out what heritage I possessed. When she saw a picture of a follie, she said, Jet! that's what you look like, too! Do you think I look like a flat coat retriever/border collie?

    I wish I could work with sheep, that sounds like a blast!

  2. Wow, just found your beautiful blog and gorgeous dogs (and sheep) :)
    Always been a border collie fan, dreaming that one day... :)

    Just thought to stop by and say hi through the blog hop. It´s so cool to meet new dog-nature loving friends!

    Come visit when you have time, at www.huskymusher.blogspot.com

    Happy Trails!

    Katerina and the (Husky)Team

  3. Hi! My name is Anne and I am a first time hopper here. I think your Teddy may be the cutest dog I have ever seen! As for me, we have 6 dogs, 4 cats, and a bunch of other critters (totalling about 4 dozen) here on our farm. I blog Life on the Funny Farm at http://annesfunnyfarm.blogspot.com. Love for you to pop over sometime to say hey!

  4. Nice. Pallo has a similar toy that he squeaked so much that the plastic around the squeaker gave out. Looks like Teddy is not only big, but super fluffy.

  5. What a gorgeous pup!
    Happy Cinco de Mayo!!!! woo woo woo!

  6. Ha! Sammy loves squeaky toys, so can understand Teddy's attachment. Teddy is just gorgeous. I don't think we have squeaky hedgehogs in TX.

  7. Teddy and his hedgehog are beautiful together!

  8. Adorable, thanks for making us smile!

    Urban Hounds

  9. THat toy would be long dead in our house, ha

    Stop on by for a visit