Ben's Snow-Based Self-Bathing Technique


Ben found a new use for the snow on Tuesday - he gave himself an impromptu bath. First, he dug his nose into the snow to find out how clean it was - it is very important to avoid the yellow snow.

Then he scooted around a bit on his tummy.

Next he began to roll.

And then he went a little bit crazy!

He was nice and clean after all that.

Since he was so clean I decided to take a few portraits while I had the chance.

He's definitely King of the Hill!

A Snowy Day

The snow returned on Tuesday and there was even more than before. For the lambs of this year so far, it must have been quite a shock to see everything so white.

The first lambs of the year, the triplets:

The lamb with the patch (and no name) had fun.

The mums were very happy to see their morning feed.

That great strapping lad in the foreground is Noel.

He's so huge because he doesn't mind stealing a nibble of mum Tilly's breakfast.

The lamb in the background here looks like she's posing for the camera.

Meanwhile, Suckie was trying some New Year exercises.

Pip was trying to blend in...

...wherever she went.

Sheila's eyes are almost better.

The snow made a change from green and blue landscapes.

The Day My Camera Melted

It snowed! Yes, I still get excited. There wasn't much of it, though. Teddy didn't share my enthusiasm - it only required one ear's worth of attention.

The snow hadn't started to melt on the higher hills.

There was enough snow to make a snow camera, it's still standing now but it's melting. I made sure that the snow lens was a very expensive one.

I took Teddy out to the field for some snow photos.

And this is my favourite of the lot:

More snow on the way apparently. In fact, it's snowing right now.

In other news, we had to take poor Sheila to the vet on Wednesday because overnight her eyes had started to discharge some yellow puss, and she could barely open her eyes. The vet quickly diagnosed severe Conjunctivitis. We were given eye drops for her and I'm pleased to say that they are working. The Conjunctivitis was most probably caused by mud getting into her eyes.

As you can see she's not 100% better, but she's getting there.

The First Batch

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The first four ewes and their lambs are out in the field now. Above are the first lambs to be born - the triplets. It was very dark when I took these so the quality isn't the best.

Noel, the lamb born on Christmas Day, is also with them. My, he's gotten big.

I hope the weather stays good for them.