9 February 2014

Buckets Are Yum-Yum

Time for some lambing updates: I'm so busy with these ewes I hardly have any time to waste online! Anyway, this is a better photo of the first lamb of the year than I was able to get last time.

She was in a posing mood.

As it happened, so was mummy.

Here's another cute wee face:

I mustn't forget about Sugar...

...Or her lamb.

Oh! Another random cute face:

Last but not least, just a few days after Sugar had her lamb, Tilly went and had twins! This is the face of a mother who's shouting, "Help! There's two of them!"

They're both girls, which is excellent news as it means we can keep them! Hoorah!

This one, who was trying to eat a bucket earlier, is called Millie.

The other one, the one with the darker face who's a bit shy, she's called Lilly, after an internet friend.

I realise Tilly had a lamb called Lily a few years ago, but I've since lost her in the crowd (it can happen), and it was with one L, people.

Here, have another cute face.

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