6 February 2014


Behold the face of a man who's lost a certain... something. Or things.

Yesterday Teddy spent at the vet's having... something removed. He's been increasingly hard to handle around the girls, and last weekend I met the end of my tether. So to stop all the fussing I booked him in.

Oddly enough, Teddy loves it at the vet's (or he did, before... this) and spent the waiting time in the morning swooning over a Red Setter (gender inconsequential). Then he was swooning over the nurse and licking her face.

When his operation was done I went to collect him. As with Ben before him, I was expecting a Cone Of Shame right away. Instead he only got one once we reached home and started trying to lick his stitches.

So a week's rest lies ahead for our Teddy - and a whole week wearing the Cone Of Shame too. I'll give him lots of treats to help him feel a bit better.

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  1. Oh Teddy, I went through this too. No worries pal, you won't miss them!