2 February 2014

Samson Comes for a Visit

This afternoon we had a small, brown visitor...

Meet Samson, a bouncy chocolate Labrador puppy, belonging to Toni. He found the lambs in the shed a bit scary. This is his face upon the sight of them:

Thankfully there were plenty of sheds that didn't contain scary sheep, so we found somewhere quiet to have a sit down.

His eyes are really pretty, aren't they?

His snuggled up with Toni.

And promptly fell asleep. (Must have been all the excitement with the lambs, he is only 15 weeks old after all.) And he snores...

I couldn't help myself. I laughed. Anyway, it was a dry day for once.

Samson, meet Pip. Ear licks are the best.

But all too soon it was time to go home to the Petting Zoo.

See ya around, Samson!

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