Dorsets and Texels and Suffolks and Lleyns, Oh My...

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It's five years ago to the day that I first uploaded some photos of our pet lambs onto the internet. I call it an anniversary. I wrote my first blog post on a little website I called Greenhill Lambs. It would be a little while before the dogs would make an appearance. So to celebrate: some lambs! Look at this lovely Texel face...

Speaking of lovely Texel faces, this is Norman. We think he's one of new Beltex/Texel ram John's sons. He is a fantastic lamb - the best of the bunch, in my opinion.

Here he is before he went outside:

I would pick him up every day because everyone always wanted to stroke him. He nibbled my nose! And here he is with his mum:

The ewes and lambs relax in the sun:

A happy Suffolk family...

Mum checks on her lamb, the last to be born this year.

This is a more Lleyn-like face:

And this is Laura, the Dorset ram with a girl's name.

Sugar's looking as fine as ever.

Crosby and his boys (Norman's dad John is on the right, stuffing his face).

And we'll finish with this rather gorgeous Dorset lamb.

Stand Still

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Pip and I visited an old farm a few weeks ago - it was really interesting to see all those old buildings! The red doors look really great.

In the old hay shed there were some clothes pegs of all things.

The hay shed offered some welcome shade because it was a very warm day.

The fields surrounding the old farm are grazed by cows.

An old disused lane is covered in bluebells.

Then, in an old garage, there a few other gems:

This chalendar, for example, hasn't been moved since March 1971.

And then there's Pip, as gorgeous as ever...

Photos From My Phone #1

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I take quite a lot of photos on my phone but never seem to do anything with them. Well, that's enough of that! Here's a small selection to get things started:

These bales look a bit purple - is it bad colour balance or is it just getting late? I guess we'll never know because I took this back and August and I've forgotten. (A bit anti-climactic that, isn't it?)

Ah - here's Pip being an absolute cutie-patootie in the Land Rover. She's so cute look at her wee cute face aww.

The ewes stare at me expectantly. They probably want more grass.

There. Have some more grass. Who says I don't spoil you, ladies?

And now for something completely different... some art. I drew a flower into the dust on the quad's mudguard with the tip of my welly boot. ('PLZ CLEAN ME' not pictured.)

Hi, lamb. How are you?

I just like the light in this one...

Ah, this is John (continuing my tradition of naming bought-in rams after their breeders). He's a Beltex and he travelled here from next door.

Busy making some silage - the funny this is that by now this has all been eaten!

And this is Laura (the tradition of naming bought-in rams after their breeders takes a turn). He's okay with having a girl's name. Really. He's a handsome Dorset.

That's enough for now - I need some time to recharge my witty comments battery.

Spring Chicken... or Dog

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Today is very special because it's Sheila's eighth birthday!

She was quick to prove that she's still got plenty of energy to spare by taking exception to the clothes line.

It's been really wet and windy today, and so of course it was spinning around at quite a clip. This (and her height disadvantage) did nothing to stop her from trying to go on the attack.

Oh, look, Sheila, the clouds are gathering again - time to head inside.

"No, one more spring - I've almost got it..."

Oh. Well, er, happy birthday, Sheila!


Oh. Okay. That is quite an evil glint you have in your eye there... I'll just leave you to it, then...

Right. See you, then.