Photos From My Phone #2

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The pet lambs from last year - what a bunch of posers!

I often see the date something was built carved into the concrete somewhere, so when we patched up a wall, well... it was too good an opportunity to miss.

A day spent helping a neighbour gather his crops. It was Pip and I who moved the resultant straw bales...

...A really long day!

But at least we had some very useful straw bales at the end of the day.

Wait a minute - that's not a sheep! What's it doing in our field? Thankfully our unexpected visitor was retrieved by her owner before long.

Pip absorbs some rays.

We bring in the silage until the sun sets - and then we flick on the tractor's lights and carry on!

Pip doesn't sit on the chair with the giant face.

In the Tractor

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Now that it's the summer, it's silage time, which means... tractor dogs!

Having a dog next to me in the cab always makes the job more enjoyable, not least because I get my ear licked. Pip is the most enthusiastic of the dogs when it comes to tractors, Ben and Sheila share their level of excitement... and Teddy, well, he's rather laid back about the whole thing.

Sheila's the oldest, most experienced of the tractor dogs.

And that stare means it's time to go inside for dog biscuits!


Cousin Twinkle and Her Blue Sofa

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My cousin's dog Twinkle loves her blue sofa.

Thankfully, she doesn't mind sharing her blue sofa.

If Dogs Took Selfies...

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...They'd probably look something like this:

It was Teddy's third birthday on Wednesday, so we did some lounging. There wasn't a cloud in the...

There was a cloud in the sky, but it was still a beautiful day. We have been busy with round bales all week.

So we took a little break and did some lounging, and Teddy received a birthday rawhide bone... which is just a rawhide bone, but it's Special because it's his birthday.



Little Doggies

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Meet little Honey and little Little Pip...

I ordered Honey as a gift for my friend Toni.

When the big Honey met the little version of herself, she approved.

I got a zebra...

Find the zebra!

...And I got a parasaurolophus too, which makes me very happy because it's my favourite dinosaur (I named him Steve).

But, of course, little Little Pip is my favourite of all.

She's perfect - just look at her cute little nose!

I'm going to cherish little Little Pip forever.

(A huge thanks to inklingsthings for making them!)

In the Garden

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Recently the theme for one of my camera club's competitions was "garden". While I tried to make one of the sunniest days of the year into one of the darkest...

...Pip was enjoying her time in the sun with an old football.

She makes a very good photographer's companion.