Those Ears

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Oh, Jess. Her ears do amuse me so.

Such a little cutie-woo!

Ben and Teddy in Widescreen

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I always crop my photos to the same 4x6 ratio - but this time? Nope. I'm thinking outside the (crop)box, and going with a nice, wide, 16x9 ratio. It's like a movie. Yeah... Hi, Teddy.

I love it when the boys play - it's lovely to see such carefree, happy dogs just having some fun!

As a bonus, they look really silly.

And then there's the running. Yay for running!

See if you can spot the Ben...

Grace. Poise. Collisions.

Then when the running is done, there are a couple of tired puppies. Tire puppies need a break.

Aww, bros! *smiley face*

And the moral of the story is that it's okay to sit on welly boots.

Jess on the Promenade

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Freshly vaccinated and micro-chipped, I took Jess for her first walk away from home. She loved all the attention.

She was on the bridge too.

Four Pips

My Little Pipsqueak turned four yesterday.

It was a really wet day, so when the time came for the birthday photos, poor Pip was a soggy doggy.

She celebrated with a yummy doggy beef and vegetable casserole and two delicious doggy cookies.

Love you lots, Pip. Here's to many more years.

Catching Up With the Zoo

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Last time I saw Samson, he wasn't quite as big as this!

He's a big guy now, but his eyes are still as big and bright.

And he's still a master of the puppy eyes...

Oni still likes to stare at me.

Thankfully Honey and Poppy didn't mind sharing the sofa.

The Ten Weeks Portraits

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I wanted to take some portraits of Jess with my 50mm lens. Thankfully she has mastered the 'sit' very well, and her 'stay' isn't so bad either.

Her ears are silly. And adorable.