Puppy, Now With 99% More Legs

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Less than five months old, and she's already at the lanky stages of youth.

Nature's Recycling

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It was a foggy start for Pip and I.

By the time we had arrived at the out-farm, the fog had cleared.

While Dad spread the dung...

Pip and I wandered around.

Seaforde 2014

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Jess and I had a fun day out at a local vintage rally a few weeks ago.

Some horses were ploughing.

Some machinery was of course on display - but not all of it was vintage.

The local hunt passed through.

In aid of Tiny Life, a small engine was giving people rides around the field.

Oh, and there were some donkeys too.


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One of the reasons I made a RedBubble store was so I could buy stuff. The first of my purchases is this wonderful cushion, modelled here by the wonderful Jess.

Just you wait - one day I'll have the whole set!

Art on Sunday

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I was sorting through my GCSE artwork last weekend, and thought I'd share some. I drew Ben a lot...

(This one is the final piece, actually - a massive, A2-sized mixed-media drawing of Ben in a birthday hat.)

I drew Fly too...

And Sheila:

I forayed into livestock.

I wasn't always drawing, though. I printed this picture of Fly.

This sheep is coloured in using tissue paper and string.

A Ben made from pieces of material and felt.

And finally, a Ben made from clay!

Yeah, I was busy.