Fields Full of Lambs


It's that time of year again, when the fields are full of lambs and I go out to try and photograph them. I went out one evening for a walk, only to find that they all ran away from me.

Then I got caught in the rain with the camera, so I admitted defeat and unleashed Plan B. The following day, I drove a quad into the middle of the field and waited for the sheep to come to me.

They certainly didn't run away this time.

All of a sudden the lambs couldn't be close enough.

I saw Winky Steve.

I call this lamb Titchy Lamb. Because titchy.

On to the next field then (after lunch break).

It's Dave's brother Bob!

It's that pesky ram that has broken into this field uninvited.

Then Dave appeared.

See the family resemblance?

Then I spotted Gloria, happily playing with her brother and mum.

It's great to see lambs that you've helped thrive.

Under Watchful Eyes

Teddy has the "Collie Stare" down to a fine art.

Sitting in the blue box on the front of the quad, he keeps watch on all the ewes and their lambs.

(This lamb has been dubbed Winky Steve.)

I have called this lamb Eye Patch Lamb.

Teddy is Collie Staring at you.

Living in Harmony

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One of my favourite Christmas cards is a painting of a sheepdog sitting in a barn, with two lambs sleeping nearby. It is an image that has stuck with me, the guardians of the flock. I like my pet lambs to be relaxed around the dogs, the dogs know not to snap or chase.

Dave and Gloria are now outside in the field, but I'm really happy with these photos of them I took when they were still inside.

And of course, I never miss an opportunity to take a photo of Pip.