26 April 2015

A Spring Evening with the Sheep ::: Part II

Even on this beautiful spring evening, there was still snow on the mountain-tops. In this flock lives Gloria (in focus) and her brother.

The flock gathered around the quad because they were expecting me to give them food.

Dave is in the flock too.

I wonder if Gloria and Dave still hang out together like they did when I was bottle feeding them. Gloria especially is looking really good.

I was really happy to spot Eye-Patch Lamb. Her eye-patch is fading a little, and she's getting brown splodges on her face, but you can still see her eye-patch.

When no food was forthcoming, the flock wandered off.

Such a lovely view...

...Better stick a dog in front of it.

We caught up with the flock once more.

The flock wandered off again, so we had to move again.

Then Jess jumped out of the front box, and the flock ran away. Gloria's mum and brother on the move:

We didn't follow the flock this time. We went inside and called it a day after 703 photos.


  1. You are an incredible photographer. It looks like you took these during golden hour, and all of them glow! I don't know all your dogs yet, but the one in those photos is so handsome. And the bokeh is incredible. It sure looks like you live in paradise. I love your flock!!!!

  2. I agree with KB these photos are spectacular!!!

  3. Well for some reason your blog isn't updating on my blog roll. I didn't realize you were still a going concern. So I see I'm going to have to spend some time catching up with all you have been doing! Glad you are still around though:)
    Those are some really nice looking lambs, and the views are beautiful as always!