28 April 2015

Queen of the Stump

I can spend a lot of time watching lambs play. They're so innocent and silly, and anything can become a game. In this case, these three lambs had a battle over who could be Queen of the Stump. At the moment, this little white-faced lamb is Queen, with the aid of her speckled friend.

Pink-nosed lamb has accepted her position as subordinate. Speckled lamb tries to eat the stump.

It is speckled lamb's turn to keep watch as white-faced lamb tries to eat the stump.

Speckled lamb tries to eat the stump from the other side.

A two-pronged attack on stump occurs. Pink-nosed lamb tries her hand at eating it. Speckled lamb tries pawing (or "hoofing") it into submission. White-faced lamb shows little interest in attack and nibbles some grass.

White-faced lamb stares at the ground.

White-faced lamb stares as pink-nosed lamb and speckled lamb get into argument.

Victorious, speckled lamb becomes Queen of the Stump, and white-faced lamb is banished to go and stare at something else.


  1. Very cute, I remember similar games when I was a kid. Lol

  2. starting to see lots of little lambs in the fields around here now, always brings a smile to my face watching them goof around :)