9 May 2015

Add Blue

There's a friendly rivalry between farmers regarding which tractor brand is the best. Asking a farmer which brand they like best is like asking them to pick their favourite football team. There are even sayings (I've seen them on t-shirts and coats); "Nothing runs like a Deere" for John Deere, "If it isn't red, leave it in the shed" for Massey Ferguson, and for New Holland there's "If it isn't blue it just won't do".

For as long as I can remember our tractors have been red. So it was quite exciting when this blue one came along a few weeks ago.

To drive I think it's great, although I've only been driving it in the fields so far. Pip or any of the other dogs haven't had a ride yet - give them time! The only downside to having one blue tractor is that our fleet has an odd-one-out. It'll be interesting to see if blue actually is better than red - only time will tell....


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  2. Your blog is so lovely, your photographs amazing. Love all your wonderful dogs and big blue! I long to visit your amazing countryside.