11 May 2015

There Were Five Dogs on a Wall...

I'm having problems uploading new photos, so while I work on getting that sorted out, please enjoy these photos of the gang on a wall. Here, Pip, Ben, Sheila and Teddy are staring at Jess, who has decided she doesn't want to stand on a wall today:

Jess is on the wall, but she's not standing.

At last - she's on the wall and she's standing!

Jess and Teddy demand a tea break.

My pick of the bunch. Jess looks really tall in this one.

Jess! Ben! Stop it!

Jess is leaving to go on strike.

Just Ben and half-sister Pip remain as the other dogs join Jess on strike.

Strike situation resolved - we're back, baby.

And they're off again...

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