13 June 2015

Getting to Know You

I've had Samson for about a month now, and I'm enjoying getting to know him. It's such a different experience from having a dog since puppy-hood. Samson's already set in his ways. He's a gentle giant, really.

I took him out to the park, just the two of us, to see what he was like in public. The answer is: brilliant. While I was at the park, I took the opportunity to try my hand at photographing flowers and plants for a change.

We took a little break in the Hermitage.

Of course, this is Northern Ireland - the rain came on. Samson and I took shelter in a wooden, well, shelter.

To round off the day after our walk, we visited the dog cafe. Samson got lots of attention, I had a cup of coffee.

On another note, I want to thank everyone for their kind words after losing Jack. It means a lot to me.

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