15 June 2015

Wool Story

With the weather beginning to warm up a bit, it was time the sheep were sheared.

It is my job to ensure the shearing trailer is full of sheep. It was Jess' first time helping, and she was brilliant at getting the sheep into the new trailer.

...With Teddy's help, of course.

The hardest job is the shearing itself.

The curious ewes that come back to watch the others getting sheared always make me smile.

The woolly ewes await their turn.

Jess has a closer look.

Jess and Teddy relax after a hard day's work.

On the third and final day, Paddy's son Barry joined in to finish the job in record time.

My favourite photo from the shearing this year:

The difficult rams were left for last. Doesn't Norman look great without his heavy fleece?

It's always a relief to have this job done. Thanks, Paddy and Barry (and Teddy and Jess)!


  1. Our pack would sure love to "help" with that job! Of course, it would be total chaos...but fun, for them.

  2. I bet they are so much cooler once it is finished and their coats are gone.

  3. Thank you for the lovely photos. Your pups are beautiful. I enjoy your blog very much.