26 July 2015

Naming Nova

The ewe-lambs, or "hoggets" as they are more widely known, are one-year-old female sheep. They currently live on fields of ours that are a short drive away. They should be having lambs in February.

It was raining when we went to check on them, so all of these photos are taken from inside the Land Rover.

This one has made a buzzy friend.

The grass is always greener...

Now this ewe-lamb is interesting. She is a well-made Texel in every way, except for her black bottom. I've been following her since she was born in the 2014 lambing season. She isn't difficult to spot in a crowd! It has taken me this long to come up with a name for her, however... meet Supernova, or Nova for short. Think about it.

You can see individual rain drops in this photo.


It was no surprise that Pip was hiding in the boot. She is scared of the window wipers!