27 July 2015

Ben and the Beach

Last Monday evening was beautiful, so I made a spontaneous decision to visit the beach. Just about to get out of the car and walk through the dunes down to the beach - guess who is excited?

One last look at the mountains before they disappear behind the dunes for a while.

Having at little break.

When we arrived down at the beach, the clouds were making the mountains look very dramatic.

Barefoot on the beach - but this is Northern Ireland, so my toes got pretty numb from the cold!

Going out to sea...

We paddled here.

Not Ben's paw prints, but I thought they looked good.

Ben isn't much of a water dog, as you can probably tell from his expressions in these photos.

We did have great fun, though, until the rain chased us away.

It shouldn't rain on a beach. It's just wrong.


  1. Looks like so much fun! Even though Ben doesn't seem too keen on getting his feet wet!