28 July 2015

Woolly Ballooning

Remember back in April when we reseeded a field? The grass has finally grown enough to have the lambs let onto it. They love the lush new grass, and are, as Dad puts it, "ballooning".

(This one I actually recognize as one we are selling today.)

Sheila loves checking the sheep every morning. It's her favourite thing to do, now that she's a little older and running to round the sheep up tires her out much more.

The curious lambs inspect the quad...

This fellow is being sold today too.

Sheila loves her job! (Even when it's raining, like it is here.)

Some more curious customers - every time the quad stops they come to investigate.

Some weeds have sneaked their way in with the grass.

The new grass is going down a treat with the lambs.

Eye-Patch Lamb relaxing on the new grass. I've yet to come up with a proper name for her. Suggestions?

It took me a while to find Gloria, but here she is:

As soon as she realised she was having her photo taken, Gloria went to seek protection from two huge ram lambs.

Gloria's bodyguards looked really intimidating so we moved on...

The flock of lambs has another two fields to roam as well as the one with the new grass, and it was surprising how many of the lambs hadn't realised there was yummy new grass just next door. These lambs included Dave, and his new best mate, a Goliath of a lamb... I've just noticed that I've called these two David and Goliath. Heh heh.

Dave is probably the same age, if not older, than Goliath, and just look at the size difference. Even with my help for the first month of his life, Dave is tiny. It just goes to show that having a mum who cares about you goes a long way!

Poor Dave. I just want to cuddle him.

Sheila is the most intelligent dog I've ever had. If there is a sheep in trouble, she soon spots it and jumps off the quad - while it's still moving - to investigate.

Then again... it's behind you!

Some more curious lambs.

And one more photo of Sheila, just because...


  1. Such gorgeous creatures! I would love to visit you there. :) The little freckled one(s?) are adorable!