22 July 2015

The Castlewellan Show 2015

The first stop for Samson and I was the Home Industries tent, where we would find out the results of the photography competition. I was thrilled to see a little Highly Commended certificate under Teddy's photo. The others weren't placed in their classes, but lost out to some great shots.

Leaving the HI tent, we began a wander of the showgrounds. We saw a group of horses being judged.

And some donkeys too.

There were lots of sheep.

While I was near the sheep pens, I saw this adorable little puppy. You'll never guess what her name was... Pippin!

There is a dog show every year and I always miss out. This year I was determined to enter Samson. After regestering, we had to wait for the donkeys to get out of our arena.

The dogs started gathering. Samson made friends with an adorable pair of Springer Spaniel puppies.

Dogs of all shapes and sizes were entered into the competition.

We saw quite a lot of donkey action while we were waiting.

At last we were allowed into the arena, and we approached our class.

We didn't win, but it was still a lot of fun. The white Poodle was the overall winner of the dog show.

While the dog show was ending, the cattle parade was going on next door.

Leaving the dog show, Samson and I explored the stalls. I found a perfect replica of Pip in miniature!

Samson was tired by this stage and just wanted a nap - so he jumped into a few trailers that were parked next to stalls and refused to move.

Here he is helping to sell some horse boots.

Once I'd managed to drag Samson partway out of the stall, we bumped into Vix who performed some tricks! She's grown so much since last year.

It was time to leave, but not without seeing some cows on the way out.

These cows were the last ones left on the showground - everyone else had gone home.

Even though he didn't win the dog show, Samson was the real winner of the day.

My haul of dog treats:

...And my wardrobe, now with two awards on it. (The photo of Pip was a prize for winning a dog blog photo competition a few years ago.)

I can't wait for next year!

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