Worldess Wednesday #46 ::: Golden Girl


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While I was at my camera club's first meeting after summer, I noticed the hotel we were in had a dog friendly café, Of course, this required investigation. I had a cup of coffee the following day, with Samson tagging along. We ended up in the same room as the camera club had met in the night before.

I simply had to take a photo of Samson in front of that fantastic wallpaper.

Dog friendly cafés are precious gems.

The End of Pet Sitting

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Before my pet sitting was over, I managed to get some photos of the cats. This is Tilly sitting on top of a wardrobe:

Tilly relaxing on the sofa:

Tilly about to jump out of a window:

The other cat, Detective, was even more difficult to see. I got her photo on the day before the pet sitting ended.

Nice kitties!

The Sprollie Invasion

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While I was still pet sitting Lady and her friends, I walked over with Ben for a visit one afternoon.

Over the past few months, Ben has been going for walks with his neighbour and Samson.

Lady and Ben had a great time running around the field.

We returned to the yard...

...and had a little break in the house.

All too soon it was time to walk home. Lady accompanied us down the lane.

But once I lifted Ben over the gate and climbed the gate, Lady was quite upset that we were leaving her.

We could hear Lady whining for us as we walked across the fields to our house.

Ben has made a good friend.

Summer's End

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It was always around the last days of the summer holidays when the small straw bales were bought. This year's topsy-turvy weather means the bales are a few weeks late, but it still signals the end of summer.

Pip helped to unload the bales and get them in the shed. Before...

...and after.

All that straw should keep us going for a while.

An Evening on the Prom

It was a beautiful evening, so I decided to treat Samson and myself to a visit to the promenade, but first we went to the play park I used to play in when I was younger.

We followed the river to the main street...

...and treated ourselves!

After our snacks, we crossed the road to get a closer look at the view.

Someone had made over ten of these stone towers, leading down the beach towards the sea.

We found a bench, and Samson admired the view.

Mmm... just inhale that fresh sea air.

The Dobermann Invasion

I brought Lady over to my house for some fun with the Brown Boys. Samson had a great time showing Lady how he can gallump (my term for Samson's hilarious running gait) really fast.

There was fun to be had in the garden too.

Ben is the only one who has grown up here, so he's the only one to know that standing on walls is the best.

Someone's been playing with Ben!

Samson was very happy to have his old friend come for a visit.

Seaforde Vintage Rally 2015


Vintage Rally season is well under way, and the sun was shining down on Teddy and I when we went to Seaforde's annual rally a few weeks ago.

Rambo is something of a minor celebrity - he is at almost every vintage rally I visit.

Teddy was on his best behaviour as we had a look at the gathered tractors.

He associates tractors with having a ride, so of course he wanted to jump onto/into every one. I indulged him once.

A rainbow of tractors:

Teddy always wanted to jump onto trailers too.

There were sadly no working horses this year, but there was this little display to show the stages of planting crops.

As last year, there was a small steam engine giving rides around the field. Teddy had great fun.

This is Susan the pony.

Teddy on another trailer:

There weren't just tractors...

As we were leaving, the threshing was still going on.

A fun day.