11 October 2015

A Sunday Stroll

Watch out - there's a sheep on the loose!

Suckie likes joining Blue Belle and I on our walks. Being a sheep means she'll happily follow her friend wherever she goes, so long it is where she wants to go too! Suckie will even walk between us sometimes.

She can lead the way too.

I let Blue Belle off her lead rope around the back of the lambing shed. She promptly wandered off. Suckie stayed behind to pester follow me.

The rattle of a bucket of nuts caught Blue Belle's attention again, and both her and Suckie followed me all the way back to their new pen.

Suckie had her nuts (Blue Belle isn't allowed any, but that doesn't stop her trying) and things settled down.

Their new pen even has a decorative rotten tree trunk.

I wasn't allowed to leave until Suckie had made sure that I'd given her all the food.

Blue Belle was watching me closely too.

No food gets past these two.

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