10 October 2015

Ballyward Tractor Pull and Dog Show

Teddy and I had an interesting day out last Saturday when we attended a tractor pull and dog show. While we were waiting for the dog show to begin, we had a look around. A tractor waiting to take part in the tractor pull:

There was vintage machinery too.

An unusual car:

I met an adorable Rottie puppy!

Teddy made friends with a black Labrador called Ben.

The threshing demonstration...

...and its spectators.

Then it was time for the dog show. The first class was Medium/Large Breed - to my delight, Teddy brought home a third place rosette! We didn't place in any of the other classes, sadly, be we did have lots of fun and met lots of other lovely dogs.

All of the dogs went home with a rosette for taking part. The three horses were giving rides.

And the tractor pulling was well underway.

I was really happy Teddy won a prize. Good boy!

1 comment:

  1. good job Teddy :)

    huh a Bond Bug, they are odd looking cars but once you've seen one, no mistaking it for something else :p