25 October 2015

Black & White Sunday #7 ::: The Chainsaw Noise

Dad and I have been sawing and splitting sticks for well over a week now. Workmen trimmed trees on the edge of some of our land, so we've ended up with six (and counting) trailer loads of sticks. I've seen enough wood to last me a lifetime. The stick house is filling up nicely, and it's good to know that we'll be warm and snug this coming winter.

Preparing the sticks, however, is very mundane and repetitive. So I like to have a handful of dogs in the shed with us. Samson, when he was still here, liked to play with Ben. Teddy and Sheila just sniff around and come over for cuddles when your hands are too full of sticks to give them what they want. Smaller sticks will occasionally go missing, and larger ones may end up with chewed corners.

Pip, on the other paw, is a totally different pile of sticks. She is scared of the chainsaw and runs off to hide, usually behind some machinery.

Jess lies by the door but otherwise keeps her distance. Now and again she'll dart a bit closer and steal a stick.

The dogs are quite distracting. We're nearly finished with the sticks at long last. If it wasn't for the dogs we'd probably have gotten the job done sooner, but then, where's the fun in that?

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  1. Poor sweet girl! That does sound like a boring job.

  2. It does sound like the dogs are a great distraction from a mundane task!

  3. Hey there! Poor, beautiful girl!