Man About Town

Ben was very excited when I had to go to town to run a few errands and decided to bring him with me. As soon as I had the car parked he wanted out!

There are lots of distracting noises and smells in the town, but Ben took most of it in his stride.

I had to go into the butcher's. Ben had to wait outside. Thankfully he had a good view of me through the door.

He was very happy to see me come out.

Outside the newsagents, we met the adorable Louis.

Errands completed, I realised we had some time left, so we walked to the other end of town.

As I was taking the following two photos, people were remarking that Ben seemed to smile when I pointed the camera at him, and that he must be tied to stay on the wall like that.

Well, if you read this blog, you'll know that standing on a wall is not bother for any of my dogs! I was really proud of Ben for staying on this occasion, though, because of all the distractions. Good man.


  1. Ben you are gorgeous. Fenris likes to walk on the wall when we walk at the beach.