27 October 2015

Little Farm in the Big City

On Friday, Dad and I drove to the city to visit Paul, who is something of a model - and real - farm enthusiast. My Dad has a sizable collection of model farm machinery himself, so there was much to discuss. One of Paul's tractors:

My Dad has one like this, in a similar "played with" condition. (That was sort of my fault. Oops...)

Paul's Little Grey Fergie, coming out of a shed he made himself.

There was, however, a purpose to our visit. Paul wanted to see with his own eyes a model of my Dad's, which he has never played with and kept in its box since he bought it, over forty years ago. Paul set up a "studio" and took photos. I took some photos too...

Some more of Dad's models fell under the spotlight. I remember playing with this one. It's amazing it looks as well as it does.

Dad's only other "Mint In Box" model is this little lorry.

And while we three humans talked models, farming, and nostalgia, Jupy the cat had a nap on top of coats.

Thanks for the fun afternoon, Paul!


  1. What fun photos of the little models!

  2. What great fun! My husband remembers having these as a little boy. They can be worth a lot of money!