30 October 2015

We Five Pumpkins

I was inspired, this year, to recreate a little photoshoot I had five years ago (here). I bought two pumpkins (not overpriced this time) and brought a straw bale into the garden. Jess helped me to find the correct spot.



Jess managed to find a spot in the garden that made it feel like summer again.

Now this is the right spot.

I set the pumpkins on the bale. Jess didn't want to go near them at first, but she soon relaxed.

I thought taking these photos would be easy, but it was in fact extremely difficult. My photography has changed so much in the past five years, it felt wrong to take them like this. I considered moving locations, but then that would have defeated the purpose.

Jess wasn't around five years ago, but Pip was...

Ahehe! Little Pip! Isn't she adorable?

Next up was Sheila.

And here she is, five years ago.

...Not much has changed there, really. While Sheila was sitting on the bale, one of the pumpkins made the fatal mistake of rolling off. Attack!

Teddy was next. This is his first time meeting a pumpkin. The second pumpkin was taking some time off to recover from Sheila's attack.

Unlike Teddy, Ben was around five years ago. He went from this...

To this...

Handsome devil.


  1. These photos are just glorious! Especially the last few puppy ones! Happy Halloween!

  2. LOVE these photos! How stunning! Happy Halloween <3

  3. Gorgeous! Your photography has improved so much!

  4. good thing you had the help finding the perfect spot. Oh, little Pip is adorable!! Love all the puppy photos ~RascalandRocco