22 October 2015

Goodbye, Sammy, It's Been Fun

The sunrise was like nothing I'd seen for some time. It was intensely bright. I rushed out to capture it.

A sunrise like this would make for a beautiful portrait of Samson. I walked around the yard with him as the sun rose.

While we were waiting for the sun to rise enough for it to reach the wall that I'd photograph Samson on, I took some pictures of him. They were warm with the pre-dawn light. He sat well for his photos.

The light I was waiting for never came. The sun disappeared behind the clouds and was gone.

Samson has gone back to his previous owner, to live with Lady and Milo. He ran across two fields and jumped one wall to return to them on Tuesday night. He was brought back. But ever since he has been trying his utmost to return again. It was clear to me that Samson didn't want to live here anymore. I've shown him my world, and while he has enjoyed it, his heart didn't belong here.

The other dogs won't miss him. He hadn't quite found his place in the pack yet. Perhaps he never would have.

And it's okay. He lives just next door. I can visit and take him for walks. I'll be seeing him all the time. There's still that sense of failing him, but I'd worked with him for five months. I'd done my best. And in this case it wasn't enough.

It's fitting, perhaps, that my last photoshoot with Samson as my dog took place on a morning when the sunrise, as bright and beautiful as it was and could have been, was dramatically cut short.

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