23 October 2015

The Walk Isn't Over...

...Until the fat ladies are full.

I'd brought Blue Belle to this field before, alone. I'd let her off and she'd galloped around like a mad thing. I was annoyed that I hadn't the right camera lens with me to properly capture Blue Belle on the move. So I decided to wait for a nice evening, bring the correct lens, and take some nice golden pictures of her. Best laid plans, and all that...

I let her off, and rather than take off down the hill like I'd expected, she simply started to stuff her face.

The lambs were very curious about this giant, odd-looking sheep.

Last time I'd brought Blue Belle here, Suckie didn't want to come, but this time she was right behind us - also stuffing her face.

Blue Belle and her shadow.

Blue Belle's new headcollar looks really pretty.

It was amusing to watch the lambs as well. They were slowly getting closer and closer...

I'd changed my objective to: "Get a picture of Blue Belle in which she is not eating". And... success!

...For a moment.

This lamb was bold, and came right up to the Not Sheep.

I was quite interesting too.

You can see why I'd brought Blue Belle and Suckie to this field.

Blue Belle wandered down the hill into a shadowy area.

I decided then to call it a day and take the two of them back to their own pen.

On the way, Blue Belle and Suckie still had the munchies.

Slightly closer to our destination, I, too, confess to becoming somewhat... distracted.

While I'd been busy watching Blue Belle in case she'd stop eating and I could take a picture of her, I'd completely missed a simply stunning sky in the opposite direction.

To take photos of the sky, I'd had to let Blue Belle go again, and she had taken it upon herself to walk halfway down the field, and she was still eating.

Obviously, our walk wasn't quite over yet.


  1. The best walks are when you can snack along the way.

  2. Blue Belle looks lovely in pink!

  3. Beautiful as always! Thank you!

  4. What lovely pictures, easy to see why this was a favorite post! Where are you located? It looks like a beautiful area.

    1. Yes, thank you! :) We're in Northern Ireland.